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"Thank you! :)  I absolutely love Pepilates!"



"As an osteopath I often recommend Pilates to my patients as part of their rehabilitation and as a preventative form of exercise once they are better. Pepilates is a professional, well equipped studio with a number of different teachers and types of class. Not only do I recommend the Pepilates to my patients, but I go there myself as well."

John (36), Osteopath

"Dear John, I just wanted to thank you for referring me to Pepilates. I cannot tell you how much better I am - I would have to say that I have had about an 80% improvement & hope to be able to continue with the Pilates after I have recovered from the birth."


"My sessions with Pepilates continue to be outstanding and each session changes my lifestyle!! The classes are challenging mentally as well as physically and I am improving all the time."

Peter (80), Retired Colonel


"I just wanted to say thank you so much for being so patient with me in getting started. I was absolutely thrilled with my lesson today and am looking forward to my next sessions."



"Dear Pepilates -- Thanks so much for your birthday greeting! My 69 years are definitely improved by your help! Best wishes"  


"Hi there,
Fab 1:1 class today. I can actually feel my back. :-) Had a good giggle as well!"


"I am a huge fan of Pepilates All the teachers are highly trained and professional and they will push you to your limit which is hugely satisfying when you start to see the results. I can say that after a few weeks of doing 1-1 sessions on the machines, I felt stronger than I have at any point in my active life. This place is a real find."


"The Summer challenge was an excellent initiaitve which really got me motivated and made great inroads into solving knee problems which I've had for years from too much running - I can now kneel and squat without any pain - as well as improving my general sense of well being. Thanks to everyone in the team and hope you run another similar session next summer."


"I did Pilates with Lucinda throughout my twin pregnancy and never suffered from any postural problems. However tired I was when I started a class I would always emerge feeling stretched, lighter and energized. And my stomach is on the way to returning to it's pre-pregnancy state."

Kate S

"After having my second baby, it felt like I had no muscles left in my abdomen! Through a few private classes and then mat classes, my core strength has improved so much. I feel stronger, more balanced, more flexible and much more in control of my movements than I used to be."

Jessica D

"What fun was had at my first class this morning. I can't believe how hard we worked. I feel great, and shall be buying another course on pay day. See you soon!"


"I started doing Pilates in order to improve my posture, lose a bit of weight, get fitter and try to get rid of some back pain from which I had been periodically suffering since the age of 24. Two months on, my clothes are feeling pleasantly looser, I'm much more toned, I very rarely get any back or neck pain, and I've found the exercise has generally made me a more cheerful, calm and positive person! I also started doing Pilates as I do some professional singing and I was told it was good for singers; I'm now able to sing pieces I never thought I could tackle before, and have learnt a great deal about how to use my body in singing - and my range has grown by about four notes! Thanks for a wonderful series of lessons and I look forward to carrying on."


"I am so pleased I discovered Pepilates. It has helped my back pain so much and generally makes me feel great. Everyone who works there is so helpful and accommodating. Thank you!"


"I have been going to the Pepilates for the last couple of years and taken private, semi-private and mat classes. All the teachers are exceptionally capable and professional, offering challenging, dynamic classes to address my changing needs.: from wanting strengthening/toning through to pregnancy classes. I can't recommend them enough."