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Meet the Team 

Emma Collins takes care of the operational aspects of the business, as well as overseeing the teachers and workshops. Emma is very ably assisted by her hard working and knowledgeable of receptionists – Julia, Katy and Hannah – and her team of teachers. You can find out more on all the team below.


The instructors are all trained in the same style of Classical Pilates (originating from the Pilates Center, Boulder) however they each bring their own personal take on the method to their classes. The studio provides and encourages ongoing training among our instructors with in house training offered and workshops from overseas master teachers to ensure that everyone remains at the top of their game!


If you are a classically trained Pilates teacher please get in touch with us, as we are always looking to update our cover teacher list.



Chiara Cosenza – teaches in Wimbledon

Chiara completed her BSc Sports Therapy Degree in 2012 and has been registered with The Society of Sports Therapists ever since. Chiara graduated from The Pilates Center Advance Teacher Training Program in 2015 at Pepilates. Chiara has extensive experience working with runners and rugby players as well as treating patients involved in RTAs and accidents at work.
Having always been active all her life Chiara truly believes that movement is at the base of a healthy life style, whether you are recovering from an injury, trying to correct a movement pattern or just simply wanting to work on your posture. Chiara's passion for the pilates method is contagious, after a class with her you will feel more energised and most definitely motivated to develop your own practice.

Eleni Theodoridou – teaches in Wimbledon and Clapham


Elisa Messina – teaches in Clapham


Harvey Klein – teaches in Clapham and Wimbledon

Harvey has been practicing Pilates for over 15 years and teaching for over 10 years. He completed The Pilates Center's Advanced Teacher Training Program in Boulder, CO, after a 20-year career as a classical ballet dancer.

Harvey's approach to teaching is sensitive, rigorous, and fun.  He aims to help bridge the gaps towards what is possible, to help his clients achieve more within their bodies.

Harvey is an advisor on The Pilates Center's Advanced Teacher Training Program at Pepilates, and also a graduate of the Kathy Grant Heritage Training Program.  He is dedicated to passing on the tradition of Pilates, and continues to take part in educational courses because he believes that you must be proficient in all aspects of Pilates to fully understand how it can enhance a student’s movement and health.

Jennifer Palmer – teaches in Clapham

Jennifer first started practicing Pilates in 2000 - and was immediately hooked.  She found it complimented her movement studies as an actor, helped her to recover from an injury, and was also just plain fascinating. Jennifer trained to become a classical Pilates teacher at LA's Whole Body Method and taught in LA and Maine before settling in London. She is continually studying Pilates and how it may be tailored to suit every body's needs. She believes Pilates is both therapy and education for the mind and body. Her teaching style is energetic and aims to compliment her clients' needs while challenging them to find deeper connections to the movements. She hopes you leave a lesson a tad wiser, a touch exhausted and definitely happier.

Jessica Fasbender – teaches in Clapham - currently away on maternity leave

Jessica graduated from a comprehensive training course with Pilates Center, Boulder graduate Linda Zurak. She has a background in ballet with a BA (Hons) in Ballet Education from the Royal Academy of Dance and an MA in Ballet Studies. She also holds an MSc in Health Rehabilitation and Exercise and has received an award for outstanding performance on the research she conducted on ‘The Effect of Pilates on Arterial stiffness and Trunk Flexibility' Her style is very thorough and precise and she enjoys working with clients to attain their goals. 

Jung Hwa Koo – teaches in Clapham

Jung-Hwa is a classically trained teacher from South Korea who graduated from a comprehensive training course with Pilates Center, Boulder graduate Linda Zurak. She is also a graduate of the Kathy Grant Heritage Training Program. She has a background in drama and corporeal mime, graduating from Ecole de Mime and continuing with post-graduate studies. Her love of movement led her to discover Pilates. She is also a qualified sports massage therapist, studying at St Mary’s University in London. Her individual style of teaching is sure to help you improve your flexibility, strengthen your muscles and give you a great workout.

Katherine Miriam – teaches in Clapham

Katherine received her classical training under Pilates Center, Boulder graduate Linda Zurak in 2011 and is currently enrolled in the center's masters program. Coming from a performance background in physical theatre and aerial circus, she has been practicing Pilates for over 10 years. Katherine is also certified in Spiral Stabilisation and Yin yoga. She believes Pilates is an excellent way to access the limitless potential within our bodies.

Larissa O’Brien – teaches in Clapham

Larissa is originally from Australia but has been living in London since early 2006. She has been practicing Pilates for over 15 years and teaching for over 10 years. Originally a professional contemporary dancer Larissa began Pilates in the hope of rehabilitating a serious back injury. She not only fell in love with the method but returned to dance stronger than before and with a deeper understanding of her movement potential. This experience and her love of teaching led to her decision to certify with the Australian Pilates Method Association. Since that time she has taught in many studios here in London as well as in Australia and Canada. Continuing her education, in 2010 she Graduated from the Pilates center's, Masters program. She is also a graduate of the Kathy Grant heritage training under Cara Reeser. Larissa is a highly committed, experienced and enthusiastic teacher who is eager to share her passion of the Pilates method with others.

Nadia Katz – teaches in Clapham


Natalia Del Olmo – teaches in Clapham

Natalia is a fully certified Pilates instructor with 5 years of teaching experience. She studied Sports Science at University and gained a Postgraduate Diploma in Nutrition. Her passion for psychology and health lead her to become a certified Life coach with iPEC. She understands that the body and the mind must be worked together to achieve true health and happiness. She believes that the Pilates Method is the discipline that will help you be closer to your body and spirit. During her classes you will be challenged, you will move and reconnect with your breathing, and gain an understanding of how to move your body during your daily activities. She loves to help others achieve their goals and enjoys meeting people from all around the world. 

Natasha Vieira – teaches in Clapham

Myrto Gkasiali - teaches in Clapham and Wimbledon

After a 10-year background in ballet and contemporary dance, whilst searching for a form of exercise that would make a difference to her body and soul, Myrto finally discovered what she was looking for, through Pilates, in 2008. After 4 years attending Pilates classes and after having completed her BSc in Nursing, she decided to train as a Pilates Instructor in Athens, Greece. With the guidance of the Master Trainer Evita Iliopoulou, she completed her training in 2013 and has since then been teaching the classical Pilates repertoire, always staying true to the fundamental values, as described by Joseph Pilates. Her strong appetite for knowledge and new experiences, led her to London where she will continue getting deeper knowledge into the method, while sharing her passion.

Rania Leontiou – teaches in Wimbledon

Rania MA, BA(Hons) LRAD, ARAD, RTS originally from Cyprus, has been practising Pilates for the last 10 years. Body conditioning for ballet and rehabilitation from an injury is what introduced her into Pilates and eventually into following a career as a Pilates Instructor. Rania’s passion for precision and clarity in movement as well as the biomechanics of the body led her to complete BASI (Body Arts and Science International) Pilates Mat Teacher Training and Comprehensive (Equipment) Teacher Training Program in January 2011. Rania is also a ballet teacher registered with Royal Academy of Dance as well as a freelance dancer and choreographer. After graduating from the Royal Academy of Dance with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Ballet Education (First Class Honours) and Licentiate of the Royal Academy of Dance, Rania chose to further her studies at Roehampton University where she obtained a Masters degree in Performance and Creative Research.

Sabrina Kelly Webster – teaches in Clapham

Sabrina graduated from The Pilates Center's Advanced Teacher Training Program at Pepilates in 2014.   Prior to that, she danced professionally in Europe for five years.  Like many dancers, she came to Pilates injured - and was amazed by the instant pain relief Pilates provided, along with the feeling of lightness and calm it fostered. Whilst working on reception at Pepilates she took regular classes, which inspired her to become a teacher. “I am fascinated by the history of Joseph Pilates and I love the connection to nature and organic movement. It feels good to just move. I believe that Pilates holds the key to changing your mind, body and sprit if you are dedicated to embark on a journey..."

Steph Ubogu – teaches in Clapham and Wimbledon

Steph first discovered the benefits of Pilates eight years ago whilst recovering from a knee injury sustained from kickboxing.   This inspired a passion for the method and tradition of Pilates and eventually led her to complete The Pilates Center Advanced Teacher Training Program in Spring 2016.  Steph also works as a television lawyer and therefore has an understanding of the pressure that a corporate environment can put on the mind and body. She believes that a regular Pilates practice will strengthen and free both body and mind, as well as challenging a person's perception of what their body is capable of.  Steph likes to help clients explore their own movement potential in a safe and fun environment.  Steph has now hung up her boxing gloves and instead enjoys cycling, hiking and yoga.  She also continues to regularly attend Pilates and movement workshops as part of her ongoing investigation into the body and healthy movement. 

Emma Collins – owner/manager of Pepilates

Emma acquired the Pepilates business in April 2017 from Charlie and Lucinda. Previously she had been a dedicated Pilates client having been going to classes for the last 10 years.  Emma worked in the property business for 12 of years after qualifying in Veterinary Anatomy at Bristol University. Whilst at Bristol she was on the university lacrosse team as well as being a county runner in the 800 and 1500m. She came across Pilates when she was on the British Junior and then Senior Dressage Squad, as the importance of strength in your core whilst being flexible and balanced was key, so Pilates was brought in to the team training. When Pepilates came up for sale, she jumped at the chance to combine her love of business with her love of fitness and overall health of the body. 

Julia Cadeau – reception Clapham


Hannah Thorp – reception Clapham


Katy Ayling – reception Clapham

Katy is a London based dancer and choreographer. Originally from Newcastle, Katy moved to London to train at London Contemporary Dance School in 2013. Whilst training Katy complimented her dance practice with yoga, pilates and weight classes which led to her becoming involved in the fitness and wellness industry, working in front of house and teaching. Katy is passionate about people, bodies, achieving potential and community- she is so pleased to be joining Pepilates and joining the pilates community in Clapham and Wimbledon.