Group Equipment Classes

In our group equipment Pilates classes, we have a maximum of 4 clients working together on the Reformer, Chair, Pole and Mat.

The Classes are available at Level 1 through to Level 4 (with Level 4 being the most advanced) and are designed to increase core strength and flexibility whilst toning and balancing your body.

Reformer Classes

These classes follow the Classical Pilates order with variations tailored to the attendees and a different theme each week. The Reformer classes may include a bit of mat work to keep you balanced.

These classes are available in both the Clapham and Wimbledon Pilates studios.

Available at all levels.

Combi Classes (Clapham Pilates studio Only)


These classes work on a combination of the Reformer, Pole, Chair and Mat. Available at all levels


Chair Classes (Clapham Pilates studio Only)


Due of it's smaller surface area, the chair provides a more challenging workout designed to test your balance and co-ordination. These classes may include a bit of mat work.



Introductory Offers

Taster Class £22.50

Starter pack (5 Classes) £140

Pay Monthly

4 classes per month £27.50 per class (£110)

8 classes per month £25 per class (£200)

Pay as You Go

£36 per single class

5 classes for £167.50 (Save £12.50)

10 classes for £310 (Save £50)

20 classes for £550 (Save £170)

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